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Why Google+ is important for all marketers

We know most of people use Gmail and may keeps logged-in. At same time we did Google search and found that Google show many result not at bottom but also at 4-5 position which are Likes (G+) by some one in our circle on Google+.

Today, I noticed…

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Will Google+ make it?

There’s no shortage of judgment when it comes to parsing the chances of Google+, and with the technologies now, there’s about to be a lot more, particularly in terms of whether it has what it takes to go face to face Facebook.

The results
In reviewing the results…

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Google+ Website Widget

Just found a great Google+ widget for your Website/Blog and it looks great

You can generate your code here:

Demo (right hand side):

I have even styled the official Twitter widget to make it look like the Google+ one!


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