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Have you tried playing with Google today?

Enter on this link and tell us what you see?
Zerg Rush
Well it’s a Google engineer creations today
Zerg Rush Do you know what the meaning of this term?
This term is divided into two parts the first part and the second zerg rush As for thesecond term…

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Google’s augmented-reality glasses: Is it all PR?

Experts in augmented reality, on seeing Google’s Project Glass, suggest it’s a vast overpromise of what can be delivered. So, is it all to make Google seem more interesting?

I know many people will be out this weekend, practicing walking down the streets and not looking where they…

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Google ads in Australian searches misled users, court says

Google Inc., owner of the world’s most-popular search engine, misled Australian consumers in 2007 by including paid advertisements from competitors in search results for businesses, an appeal court ruled.

The Federal Court of Appeal in Sydney today overturned a lower court decision and ordered the Mountain View, California…

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Revived Viacom suit spells trouble for Google

Almost 18 months ago, Viacom (VIA) lost its copyright infringement lawsuit against Google (GOOG). Guess what? It’s back.
A district court had dismissed the suit in 2010 after ruling that Google was protected by a 1998 U.S. law that provides a legal “safe harbor” when copyright-infringing material…

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Google+ Numbers Show Social Network is Growing

Google+, the smaller rival to Facebook, shows signs of gaining traction by exceeding 100 million users, but when those users log on to the social networking service they are spending less time at the site than previously.

Some observers would say that isn’t good news, while others would point…

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Is Android Google’s First Step Towards Monopolizing the Mobile Market?

Google appears to dominate every market in which they step foot. For this reason, many believe that Android is the company’s first step towards monopolizing the mobile market. And it might be. To really understand the importance of Android to Google, however, you need to determine what mobile market…

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