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“Google” stop the games on its social network last June

Google Inc. announced that it intends to stop the American Google+ Games gaming service provided to users of its social network “Google Plus”, in the June 30 next year.
It is noteworthy that the company has added this service to its network of social in August / August of 2011, to…

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Google plans to launch a new music service

Sources from within the music production companies for The Verge, that Google may reveal today during a conference on a new music service that allows users to listen to music on demand is similar to the offer service “Spotefaa” super Spotify fame.
The source said that Google has signed licensing…

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Google launches new application compete Anstgram

Internet giant launched the company “Google” Google Thursday in application allows to take pictures and share on social networking site “Google +” Google+’s her, in a move clearly designed to compete with “Facebook” and apply famous “Anstgram”.

Has added a “Google” several functions to apply “Snabsid” designed by the German…

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Google offers to send money via e-mail

Announced “Google” from the merger of U.S. online payment service its “Google Wallet” with the e-mail service “Gmail”, so that allows users to send or receive money with e-mail messages.

The aim of the company through the merger to facilitate the process of sending money to friends…

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Google’s share price up for the first time for more than $ 900

Shares Google up to more than $ 900 per share on Wednesday for the first time on the company, the high share was the result of improvements enormous posed by Google in all of its products in almost During the conference I / O this week, includes a new service for music…

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“Google” on the top of the search engines

“Google” on the top of the search engines and receive 500 million searches a new day ,

Being search engine users ‘Google’ day, about 500 million a completely new search process, ie, it includes search phrases never asked before.
Which is equivalent to 15% of searches daily, which are estimated at…

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Property “interpretation” by directing the camera

Company launched “Google” two advantages new to the translation service “Google Translate”, the first is the synchronization feature common phrases that the user saved in your brochure by “Phrasebook” on the web copy of the compiler to be applied to the system “Android”, the second feature, “Interpretation “by the camera…

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