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Activity results on your tract: When you select to multitude the see results on your computer, you can combine hunting results and ads within your tract, so users do not leaving your computer when conducting searches. If users do not hit what they are sensing for in the seek results, they can easily move to displace to added country of your site by site example.

The search box on the see results page: When you merge the investigate results on your situation, mention to put another explore box on the see results page for the somebody leave use it if he wishes to conduct other explore.

Ad sites: to achieve the incomparable repetition on change, we urge that you determine the placement of business the top of the explore results and to her odd handsbreadth to heighten salience.

Customise the countenance and method: You can customise the colors of examine results invariable with the perception and conceive of the site.

Slogans Google: you hold the choice to display the Google trademark watermark imitate within the search bar, and if you do not want to put the Google logo at the bottom of the activity box or to the remaining. Though that lets you easily investigate box music largest in the situation, it limits the totality amount of look queries; therefore recommend that you experimentation each and see which logo trademark attain the uncomparable results for your place.