Google Adsense Approved ^_^

Yesterday  we got the Adsense ground approved (imagine came truthful) and I was so nervous that I pass the total day with it. Now I am quite unchanging to acquire my change with Adsense. I am from India and it makes all the deliver modify many effortful. A span of life before applying for adsense, I had practical for infolinks (book supported ad course) but I was woolly, if they testament clear my blog or not and fortuitously they authorized my blog, I got many certainty and definite to try my phenomenon for google adsense.


Why I was shitless of Adsense?


When I was a newbie for blogs and websites, I applied for adsense without educated more nigh it. I was wild virtually adsense ads on my slaphappy website but I got a rejection netmail and this rejection created a prise in my intention for their policies and procedures. Now, I had scholarly active blogging modify though I was idea the identical esteem of getting rejected. Actually, we can easily happen loads of group on discourse, forums and separate sites who hadn’t been authorized for period. I was so appalled that I decided to go for infolinks and remaining the Adsense option until I get such traffic.


What do we require to get authorised for adsense?


According to most of group who are on otherwise blogs and forums intimate to hump at minimal 500 regular visitors and lyceum quality substance to get authorised. For countries same India and crockery, google had settled a 6 month contract (Eligibility to move in Adsense). Any diary or website that is not older than 6 month is not tempered for having Adsense. Of course not to name that our blog or website should also obey with google adsense contract and damage & conditions.


Construe: How to get authorised for adsense in India?


Try google adsense secondary: Chitika and


Chitika has a minimum payout of $10 via paypal and can be misused with adsense and They both are now yahoo/bing ads publishers.




How some visitors we are exploit?


We are effort only 20 visitors/day and 1k views/month (approx.) but we got authorized for google adsense without having any inconvenience. The interchange is future from look engine and most users are from Bharat and US.


What most substance on our journal?


Everyone testament declare you to feature at minimal 10-12 diary aviator before submitting application for adsense but we were having exclusive 5 base and 3 pages and piece oeuvre this we are having exclusive 6 post on our journal, we are lucky.


Is the google adsense 6 months insurance avowedly?


My blog and land is upright 3 months old. I am Indian and 6 month contract applies to me also but it’s evidenced it’s not needful to hit a 6 period old journal or website.


What is our Alexa body?


Our alexa status is 17,627,760 but when we started our judge was 17,777,749. Our alexa force is feat outstrip and fitter every day at the rate of 20k/day. Alexa rank also proves that my journal is effort rattling low reciprocation.


Google Adsense – close


Any diary or website that is not senior than 6 period and person immature assemblage with low interchange can also administer for google adsense and can get authorised in a few life. The look engine traffic may be the saneness of feat content but if you had sureness and your aim is unfeigned then, nobody can stay you. Don’t assist almost anything for now, fair administer for google adsense.