How do you get exclusive content and values ​​to your site means very easy

Have you ever thought one day, what is the most difficult step in building a site ?
Certainly will reply most experts are saying that content is the nucleus upon which to build sites do not do as some brothers that reserves a domain space and Theme forum and then think of what puts the content ! ! ! ! !

But despite our knowledge of what is the most important step remains an important point , but also how to get a successful content ? ? ?
My experience simple and modest in the world of Web Masters and found that the content of the word successful launches content available on the following qualities

1 – exclusive content which is the most important point
2 – It is not every distinctive characteristic exclusive content
3 – people are interested in general or a class of them

If the three points are available any content Vpkl confirm deserve the title of a successful content ….
Nati to the theme of the day , but it is how we get a successful content ? ? ? ? ? ?
I know that most of you my brothers and I am of you tried all available means easy and difficult , and we have succeeded in some and failed in most of them …. But today my brothers , God willing, I will open your eyes to what is said about him Jarrod something that exists in front of us do not always ask him not to not willingly , although he achieves all Terms of successful content …..
This thing called

E-book ebook

Yes my brothers Scripture Alaketorne located millions on web pages is very rich , but the information is published on the pages of e-books , why not use it ?

I personally took advantage of these books to make dozens of sites every e-book , whether a French or an English or any language fit for making a site or a blog in itself exclusive content
Most of this book allows copying what the property – there are some , especially Arabic books dealing scanner to the principle of the pages can not copy any of them , but we will not use it , what is there enough and strongly –

Of course, this step is a key step , but add to it some other steps

The use of Facebook and especially Jerobac to publish links our example, your site for human medicine go to search Facebook and look and you’ll find dozens of pages Jerobac for human medicine involving all of them and post your link will accelerate this outcome and will provide you with a lot Daúmyin and targeted visitors interested Bmahtwak

I wish I could have said the lesson some of you brothers and Antzerona Padres also new for exclusive content soon


Written By Mohamed Awwad


Jordan Host