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Google Engineer Explains Why Your AdSense Earnings May Drop

Guillaume, a outspoken Google AdSense engineer, has spent a lot of time replying to complaints about pricing in a Google AdSense Help thread.
He goes through why a site may see a reduction in the dollars they make per click even after the estimated earnings are a certain price.


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Jef Poskanzer ACME Banned From Google AdSense

Google is constantly banning AdSense publishers but this new ban is very interesting.
About two weeks ago, Google banned Jef Poskanzer, a computer programmer, known for being the first person to post a weekly FAQ to Usenet, and the owner of He is incredibly well known in the…

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How To Get Reinstated In Google AdSense

Google is constantly banning AdSense publishers – it is nothing new.
What is new is publishers being reinstated into the Google AdSense program.
An article named Regulator helps David beat Goliath Google via theAge tells a story on how after months of being banned, Google reinstated his account but only after…

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Google To Complete AdSense Report Migration By End Of Month

In November 2009 Google introduced the new AdSense interface and we are now well over two-years into it where I believe all publishers have been migrated but we still have migration issues from the old interface to the new.
One of those issues are old legacy reports from the…

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Google AdSense Causing IE8 Security Warnings

There are reports at WebmasterWorld and Google AdSense Help of users of Internet Explorer 8 having issues viewing pages with Google AdSense on them.
On user explained:
Windows XP visitors using IE 8 on several of my Adsense sites see an error message “Internet Explorer has blocked this website from…

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