What is Google AdSense? – How to Earn More by Publishing Its Advertisements

Google AdSense is an advertising programs offered for website or blog owners. However it is not just an advertisement program only. It is much more than it. Lets see in details what it is.

What is AdSense?

AdSense is an adverting revenue sharing program that any website owners can put its ads in their websites and can earn revenue for successful promotion.

To know more about AdSense first we need to know some information about Google.

What is Google?

It is a search engine in the internet. But it is not just a search engine. It is the biggest search engine in the world. Not only the biggest, it has much more market share than all other search engines all together.

The giant company like Microsoft is also not even in the competition level with Google. Microsoft is trying many ways to go to nearer to it in search engine industry like making search engine live and then creating new brand Bing.

Google has become a very big company now a days. Its owners have their own personal very big plane. Not only owners its top executives also have personal plane. Google contributes a big portion of NASA research in the USA.

What is its Revenue Source?

We all know that Google is a search engine, where we can search anything at free of charges. Then how it is earning money? How it become so big?

Yes, besides free search service, it has an advertising products named AdWords. When we search in the search engine, at the search result there are some sponsored list. Those are Google customers and they are paying Google for advertising them in search result priority list.

It is promoting its AdWords customers is Search Result, into own e-mail G-mail and in all there other free services like Google Group, Google Maps, Google Blog Blogger or BlogSpot etc.

It is not only promoting its customers by themselves but also promoting by other websites not owned by Google and there AdSense program comes.

How to sign up for AdSense?

Anybody can sign up AdSense if he has a website. Even free website owners can apply for AdSense. However Google prefers website with unique good content.

So to sign up AdSense it is better to prepare a website with good content first, because in the sign up process there are field for website and Google consider the application based on the websites content.

After sign up AdSense takes 2-3 days to approve the account. They will send a message incase if they do not accept an application. The main reason of not approving an account is the website content. So in that case change the website content. Try to put your unique content without copying from others and good content.

How to earn by AdSense?

Any website owner can sign up a Google AdSense account and put Google advertisement in the website. If any visitor click on any Google ads, Google pays to website owner because Google AdWords customers pay Google for every click and Google share a portion of revenue by AdSense Program.

There are people who are earning million dollars from AdSense. In the same time there are people who are struggling to get 1st pay check of $100 even after years.

The reason of the difference is experience and knowledge. You can acquire the experience and knowledge by trying several years or you can buy it from expert instantly.

Get more information on how to earn more from Google AdSense at How to earn from AdSense [http://myakub.info/2009/11/14/how-to-earn-more-from-google-adsense/].

Thanks to AdSense because it creates an information rich environment in the internet. Whoever is offering good free things in the internet it is because of Google AdSense. They are getting money from Google AdSense for their free service to internet visitors. There are millions of websites in the internet who are using AdSense to earn money and the opportunity is unlimited. Anybody can take advantage anytime.

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  1. August 22, 2012

    You shouldn’t advertise how “great” adsense is… They are known for scamming small content providers on youtube who make content, and then over years they build up that money, and when it comes time to pay… They cancel your account for the “possibility of invalid clicks”… Not that there WERE any invalid click, just the possibility.

    They took me for well over $100 and tons of other people I know had the same thing happen to them. Two of my youtube accounts (I don’t have any websites to place ads on, only on youtube) were linked, and so when I got kicked out of adsense, they should have kicked both accounts, except my other account currently has ads on my content…

    And the ads are TURNED OFF. This is the truth about google adsense, email me on my channel if you want to learn more.