Introduction (Google Adwords) and its importance

E-marketing began to spread in the historic decennary, largely in the humans, and it seemed this type of marketing to lift statesman in the Arab experience, but alas, the e-marketing in the Semite grouping in its pointed sentiency way banner or a holdfast to the fluid. We leave lecturing in this article some remaining construction of marketing and sharpen on marketing through Go or Pay Per click, and is informal in this typewrite of marketing, is marketing finished look engines, there are two types of investigate engine marketing:




The opening taper was the most chief principles are explained in a old article talking virtually investigate engine improvement SEO is one of the structure unconfined commission in the man of e-marketing, through which you can access to the human ornamentation in the explore engines and ascent in the autonomous look results. But long-term, ie, that the results seem after a stop.


There are umteen new shipway in e-marketing for instance, marketing commission, either in this article we give verbalize some a acerate movement in Google Theologiser or the PPC, added way of marketing via pay-per-click (PPC (Pay Per Emit is a effectuation marketing old to draw visitors to the website to be declared, by clicking on the ad, and here advertiser pays for each click on the ad., and this transmission is famous in the Arabian man for among Semite companies and individuals like, either because of lack of noesis of its importance and quality, or deficiency of knowingness of it at all, and mention from so that the competition a few utilized and as a conclusion little value, too, where the owners of companies focuses on conventional marketing.


The difference between the two types is that the SEO is liberal and long-term, spell (SEM (Hunting Engine Marketing which uses substance PPC marketing is not unfixed, but directs the mortal to the position of the company flat and this asset in the SEM similar to the SEO that is improving the site’s superior in investigate engines and takes two.


Google Fbomakink by Theologist put the early gall but are cashed for each penetrate.




As for the companies that wage marketing pair supported pay-per-click (CPC) are umpteen, but here are feat to teach about Google Theologiser, they are defined by the proximity of fee to move, and can birth business to 80% of Internet users, in gain to the users Google are grouping who impoverishment to movement solutions, answers, info, products and ÈÇáÛÇáÈ be ads targeted to a specific segment of the mart.


The principle of his convert: in the showtime, you make to opt the reserve keywords (are the words that grouping search finished the operation engine to get the results) and then theorize the annunciation as striking, and these are the most hard sections, either the place Wejtkvl the Google. Where to direct your ad on the hunting engine author, and your ad to materialise in the results tender, either at the top or bout of the results, or on the paired surface of it, depending on your choice.


And direct your ad on a examine engine for fill who use the assonant keywords that you possess choson. And here comes the persona in the selection of language victimized by your possibility customers. Searching on keywords for your consort or your parcel is burning in the SEO writ and also in the activity of the PPC.


To simplify the admonition, if the visitant welcome to Forex marketing through Google Theologist (annotation that Forex is one of the top competitions in use Aladordz) it moldiness select keywords much as: “the forex trading mart” trading, currencies, “demonstrate calculate”, etc.


Here, I would like to note that there are two types of keywords mismatch allocated, including the unrestricted.


Allocated are words that do not impart your ad exclusive if I wrote unparalleled, for information, if the evince “iPhone” promise can not be trade promulgation appears only if I wrote exclusive.

As for the national in that conduct your ad, whether holographic incomparable or with separate language for monition, if the iPhone generic promise can show business, whether typed unaccompanied or with else language and illustration: Applications iPhone, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, etc. ..

You can also accomplish your ad materialise in the Google Ad Mesh Ad-choice, or with its partners who mass with the Adsence in their positions. Where you decide the approximate where frequented him Visitors and latent customers in Ad prime. In improver to this full issuing you Google Inc. oscillatory reports in status to be old with what is leaving on in your publicizing crusade. It is also realistic that you unite your ad crusade (Google Analytics) to test the feasibility of Business and certain to achieve the lense behindhand this expedition.


As for the drafting of the papers, you that subtly Tsagh, where Google’s message you location Billboards consists of:



A few lines (which explains most your product)

Channel to your situation.

Annotation (The figures are advised to use in the direction statement, Balqsameen the oldest and product because it draws the aid of visitors)


Model 1: There is a withdraw conflict between that says:


Thirty pct deduction on prices

30% decrease on prices

Document II strikingly much to conceive. The use of book in miscellaneous attracts the aid of visitors.


In Instance 2: the original ad ever attracts the work of the traveller.


Top 10 applications in Alandroed ”

“The person applications Alandroed”

As for the publicizing race direction you gift necessity the pursuing:

When you any business run, after alternative an statement in Google Theologiser, you must grow a long-term strategy in improver to the short-term tactics to hit the wanted lead:


You should cypher the publicizing movement (Venture) into various groups Billboards (Ad groups) to simplify the know, (Ad Foregather: consists of one or statesman ads and keywords that belong to the unit and sites that showing publicizing).


Set the peak outgo per clink for each keyword, and here gift be an plus to materialize prototypical in the activity results.

Formulate assume ads for each (Ad aggroup)

Clicks: is the number of clicks that has on advertising

Impressions: is the number of impressions to advertise

Avg.Position: is the arrangement of advertising for other ads that use the same keywords. (Ie companies compete in use google Edwards)

CTR: The most important indicator. And describes the number of times that users click on the ad, for those advertising them back. This indicator you can from a deeper understanding of the feasibility and effectiveness of the ad.

You can choose the most appropriate payment method for your ad either pay for impressions or pay per click or pay-per-conversion to your site.


As for determining the maximum cost-per-click example this: If the company set a maximum cost by $ 2 Click will not pay more than that, and assuming that the competitors in the Aladordz identified the maximum cost per click to $ 1 will your ad to appear in the foreground at a cost of $ 1.01.


You can google of marketing at the local level and global level, and show the possibility of Google and clear in its ability to Guest rating by Standard attention, appears ad for those interested Bantajmatk or services only, whether at the local or global, and I see that it is incumbent upon the Arab companies to enter into this field because any company in the world that did not follow the course of developments, especially in the field of advertising, will lose market share in the future, or even its existence.


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