Popular PPC Myths That Can Unsettle You Completely

Some Popular PPC Myths That Can Unsettle You Completely

You have been running your PPC campaigns for quite sometime but you still feel that there is something missing in it. In majority of cases, it is our half backed knowledge about Google Adwords that frustrates you like nothing else when you find that despite your best effort, quality score of your adwords campaign is not showing any signs of improvement. Here we are going to share some common PPC myths that you should put your trust on and that have led you to dead ends.

Quality Score Is One and Only: 
Contrary to what we believe, there are actually three different types of Quality Score that you need to have a close look if you wish to see a visible increase in the CPL ratio:

Display Quality Score: – Quality score for display network is calculated quite differently. Separate calculation is done for both managed placements and automatic placements. The factors that play crucial roles while determining quality of an ad are previous performance of the advertisement, past performance of an ad in similar network etc.

Here are the factors in a nutshell:

  • Proper placement of the keywords in the ad
  • Previous performance of ads
  • Landing page quality

Landing page Quality Score: Quality of the landing page has had an impact on the quality score and the cost per click. Page loading factor, anchor texts, content of the page, user friendliness, proper navigation etc are some of the things that can wield powerful influence on the quality score.

Search Quality Score: Relevancy of the keywords in the ad groups can play decisive roles in making or breaking the prospect of your Google adwords campaign to a great extent. Previous performance of the keywords and account history also play crucial roles in this respect.

Exact Matches Does no Improve Quality Score: If you think choosing exact match keywords will help you secure better position, you could not be more than mistaken. Instead of sticking to exact match keywords, try to give board match a try. Rather you should use negative keywords to stop your ads coming in irrelevant search results as they only drain your money and effort.

Quality Score Does Not Get Calculated At The Keyword Level: Contrary to popular perception, quality score does not get calculated only at the keyword level. In most of the webmasters are in the belief that ad level and account level have almost nothing to do with the quality score but the reality is just the opposite.

These are some of the myths that you need to aware of if you want to see drastic difference in your ongoing adwords performance.

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