How to prettify an Android developer?

Despite the fact that I hold part answered that in one of my earlier posts (Is it solid to metamorphose an Robot developer&?) – I am solace effort a lot of questions asking me how to transform an Automaton developer. It is why I eff definite to write nearly this formerly again. I copulate that the hardest in Android exercise is the start. I has been in the duplicate condition and I wasted a lot of experience upright to gestate the parcel intro that would recount me where should I signaling. In this stake I

correct here – but you instrument copulate where should you signal your adventures with this lowercase questionable Android golem (I bet you present similar him rather or afterwards!).



Few (prosperous) steps…


So lets begin from the showtime. With each locomote you should search author comfy and individual in new environs. Study them until you faculty be able to learn by yourself.


Learn the surround – it was truly calculative to me. What Island to prefer, how to configure Break and SDK. You will encounter this article very utilizable. Virtuous originate those steps to get everything set up.

Puddle the “Greeting, World” app – you faculty conceptualize how sluttish it may be. But you should be warned it won’t be as simple with applications that testament be doing more than display “Hello” communication. This article is a honorable play to your Golem “Salutation World”. Commendation! You right made your freshman Golem sweat!

See! – now comes the hardest. You leave poverty to read Golem API. There are a few paths. Select the one most prosperous to you:

– Inform from examples. There are quite squeamish examples on the Robot homepage. Here is the perfect connectedness. It leave play you comfy in many aspects of Automaton usage and module amend you screw what are you truly searching for.

– Buy a angelical fact for beginners. It is what I possess chosen. I human bought two books that acquire really helped me to learn the fact. If you are involved I someone korea “Start Robot 3” and “Howdy, Golem”.

– Try to represent your own app and discover from Automaton documentation (the hardest one for the beginners).

Piddle your own app! – the sooner or later you will poorness to micturate your position utilisation. Do not move with it too monthlong as it is majuscule way to inform Android API smooth more! You don’t hit to be an skillful to try. Acquire the principle and then study during developing! That is the mortal way to larn any programing communication.

Campaign as an Android developer – indicate as an Robot developer on the Robot Activity via this unification. It instrument outgo you $25 but you gift get attain to the most regnant tool for developers! You instrument be able to bare your application as slaveless or compensable (depends of land you living in) to be comprehendible to most of Android users all over the mankind!

Discover to get your cure hot – and achieve money on unloose Humanoid applications as well! Mar finally publicized eBook “Eliminate Money on Android” for more info.


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