Google displace Apple and becomes most valuable brand in the world

Google has been able to offset Apple counterpart from first place to become ” the most valuable brands in the world” in 2014 , according to a new study .

And According to a study conducted by ” Millward Brown ” , which is a global company focused on brands , media and communications , the value of your brand Apple’s 20% compared to last year to become a 148 billion dollars, while the value of Google Inc. rose 40 percent to $ 159 billion dollars.

The investments Google in the project self-driving car , and her glasses smart , and a number of partnerships for the operating system “Android ” of them, including clocks smart anticipated , resulted in $ 15.4 billion of revenue during the quarter last fiscal year and 3.45 billion dollars of profits .

According to the BrandZ list for the company Mlaurad Brown about the brand value of the top 100 in the year , technology companies dominated the top spots , the fastest growth in terms of value brands .

Came IBM Third in the classification of technology companies , with a value of 107.5 billion dollars , then Microsoft valued at 90.1 billion dollars , then the company Tncent owner application Instant Messaging Wei Chat with a value of 53 billion dollars , and then came the companies , Facebook , Samsung and Oracle and HP Siemens , Yahoo , Twitter, LinkedIn and Cisco , Intel and Sony , respectively .

Said Peter Welch , director of the company with a list of BrandZ Mlaurad Brown “The brands of digital services such as Google, Facebook , Twitter, and LinkedIn Tncent no longer just tools , it has become part of our daily lives ,” as he put it .

The company Apple was able to last year’s acquisition of the first place to become a ” Top Brands value around the world ” in 2013 , to put it an end to history as long as 13 years ago when Coca- Cola first unchallenged , according to the report of the company , ” Interbrand ” Interbrand released in September / September.