Quality Internet Marketing Services Creates Top 10 Rankings on Google

First of all, it is necessary to have an understanding of what top 10 rankings on Google really means for your internet marketing services needs. There are two types of rankings that Google gives out. What does this mean to you as a Website owner?

First there is the basic Website ranking that even a newbie understands is issued to a Website. You can view any website ranking by

downloading the Google toolbar and looking for the ranking displayed on the tool bar which is shown when your mouse hovers over this button. This ranking can range from ‘not yet ranked by Google’ up to 10/10 as 10 is the highest ranking that can be obtained. This ranking means that is a comparison to ALL websites on the internet and it is considered that your website is this important.

Many aspects are evaluated by Google to give you your basic overall ranking. If you can imagine that it is similar to taking classes in school and you get grades for each time within your internet marketing services, with a final grade being the summary of all the smaller grades you have obtained. Even the quality of the written code on your website is graded within this. There are so many points that give you a final grade that we cannot list them all here. It is important, as a website owner, to understand some of the basic meanings of the final overall website ranking that you receive so you can logically plan your internet marketing services attack.

The lowest ranking Google issues is ‘not yet ranked by Google or not ranked by Google and this has a couple of meanings. It can mean this is a brand new website, or a website that Google has placed in the well-known sandbox as it was new and has not become important enough for Google to even give it a ranking or Google has not even visited the website as yet or possibly even the website might be a Google banned website. Good optimization and internet marketing services principles will keep your site from being banned.

Zero or 0 ranking on Google is a designated ranking number. Once the sandbox has been removed, Google then re-ranks the website for website quality and website importance compared to all websites on the internet. Many, many websites have what is considered low rankings which are 0/10, 1/10, 2/10 and sometimes 3/10 although 3/10 is a website that is growing so can be over-looked somewhat in evaluating website quality related to Google.

This new ranking after the sandbox effect has been removed, takes into account the website basic quality, meaning even code the website has on the site, website optimization included related keywords, keyword density, backlinks on other sites pointing to the website which also includes evaluation of the relevancy of the backlinks, the ranking for the websites which are pointing to the website and the basic overall importance of the website. All these things must be taken into consideration in your Internet Marketing Services plans.

Google gives you credit, in other words, counts them as backlinks from what Google considers to be authority sites which can include.gov,.edu and.org websites or similar websites and also other sites with Google rankings of 4/10 or better. As a rule, websites with a ranking of say 1/10, 2/10 and non-related content can be a detriment to your Google ranking, however, in the Internet Marketing Services world, these sites are counted by Yahoo and MSN and you are given a better ranking for your website generally first on Yahoo and/or MSN before Google gives you that credit. Also, by having a high ranking on Yahoo and/or MSN first, the extra visitors to your site coming from there will also give you another improved grade mark with Google. There is a way to do both but will take some funds in reserve to control the content backlinks to the extent that you can somewhat control your website Google ranking.

What is the value of having a website with a 4/10 ranking or better? Basically, you could sell advertising to other website owners for placement of banner space and obtain premium fees for doing so. Does having a website ranking of 4/10 or better affect your visitor traffic for your website? Not really, so what does?

Top 10 Google ranking for your specific content related keywords for your website. Go to Google and Googles search bar and then enter in ‘blue horse’. The first on the list you receive is #1 on Google for this keyword. Ignore the very top part of Google which is usually separated by a line from the natural ranking sites and ignore the websites listed down the right side also as these are listings where the webmasters have paid money to have their website listed there. This does not necessarily mean this website has a general overall ranking more than 0/10 for their website. It means that they have the highest ranking for that specific keyword. So what are the most important factors affecting and obtaining this website ranking which also gets the website visitor traffic for this keyword?

The website must be optimized well within its internet marketing services plans including importantly choosing the right related keywords, quality keyword placement strategies used, right meta tags written, proper related content, have good traffic and high Google PR backlinks with similar content and/or.gov,.edu and/or.org endings.

The bottom line is that without the right traffic, i.e; unique visitors, you will not obtain visitors you can sell products to or stay on your site to use various tools or information or even to click on your adsense ads. Unique visitors are obtained from top 10 on Google for exact keywords, article marketing, backlinks and purchased advertising.