Why Is Google the Best Search Engine?


The best part about using the internet is the value added services that are just too efficient, effective, fast and of utmost reference, provided and is stored in the world wide search engine-Google. What Google gives, is commendable as it acts as the prime source of information just for free. Treated from the perspective of an SEO, that is, search engine optimization what is most enduring about

Google is its various segments and individual functions. Where there are social networking sites, to personal mail accounts (gmail) or chat rooms (gtalk) and other information sources, Google has provided a list, category and a plethora of useful info that perhaps serves the best literal meaning possible for the word- search.

Google Trivia

It was created by a person called Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1997 where the “Google” itself suggests a mathematical connotation. The word is “googol” originally used for numerical 1 followed by a series of 100 zeros. So there arises Google devised as a search engine for optimum use. Google today has crossed all barriers in money making and providing the best and the largest search engine on the web totally relying on the comfort and feasibility of the user. The main objective of Google can be considered the utmost utility of the users who could place in any search phrases on the search bar and get their desired results. The employees of Google constantly usher the change that the daily stances of the world show and run on a constant update basis. The users are always given the best, the newest and the latest updates on their search, and Google opens thousands of pages for them.

Google- the buyer

Taking into account, the enormous popularity of social networking sites, Google projects a business model. Google is the buyer of certain social networking sites, and it has its own browser-Google chrome. With all these advantages the growing demand for this search engine has made it the first page saved in every computer. Google surely knows how to do business as their focus does not lie mainly upon ads, or sponsors but the main objective of being a search engine ready for optimum use is guaranteed. Google operates in a complex business overtone where it coins terms and other rankings to make their users search for the best pages on the first ten links. Next, is the Google provision for ads where according to your search relevant ads are displayed with all the links and hyper links on the search page. What Google does is, charges the ad posters with every click, and generates its greatest revenue. Well with a little business info you can surely understand Google works its models over and still stands as the best search engine.

Google services

This is not unknown to any of you, Google owns and provides an array of services like, YouTube–an online broadcasting sphere where you can create your own account and share live videos or videos you made, Google buzz that is similar to that of Facebook or other networking sites, then, comes Google docs. You can share your documents online through e-mail using the online version of a similar Microsoft Word with all its versions. Gtalk, your pop-up chat box, Gmail- your e-mail account that is just too popular that gives you options of archives and other facilities without any complex usage. Google is user friendly.

Knowing Google

Google is treated as the best search engine world wide and what makes it one can be traced through the above mentioned info. To make a user interested towards using Google is something that is just a natural reaction of any user, who has maybe opened the computer for the first time in his life and is naive about the internet. Google supports all sorts of search, and you get options easily to narrow it down. Another quite interesting option is that you shall automatically have a search tab of your own, by which I mean if you are already a holder of any networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut accounts, your name will appear in the main search filter in Google home page if a search is made with your name that is. Isn’t that fun? Besides that, Google features, the YouTube where it would be easy to spend time watching online videos! Watch them, create them, open an account and upload them. Its fun, easy and all for free. Google has interlinked accounts and passwords so that you don’t have to enter different passwords and different IDs for Google held accounts, unless you want to. Google has established anti-spam technology to its use has given a certain rise to its optimization. Making the correct keywords and placing them on proper bids in Google would be something for you to know before investing a lot money where its off page optimization would render links and ads.


Google accounts for all the services and features that a good SEO should project and also covers global as well as local info serving the quintessential purposes for searching prosperity. Google’s assistance to its users for accessing the internet and thousands of news and info from the latest forum, its efficiency and speed serve as an integral part of the web. The internet cannot be thought of or used for that matter if there were no information provider; Google makes the unthinkable happen.

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  1. May 13, 2012

    I have used different search engines and after careful consideration I can conclude that Google is the best. Google is everything packed into one application which comprises social networking, news, search, images, maps, and a variety of useful ideas. Google consistently improves and is always looking for better strategies to conduct its business.