“Google” lets watch the world and is awash with water

Launched a platform collective financing for environmental projects ” Carbon Story ” CarbonStory in partnership with the agency is marketing ” My Dee Dee or ” BDDO and ” proximety Sinjabor ” Proximity Singapore ‘s interactive website , a celebration of the ” World Environment Day ” which falls on June 5 every year .

Shows the location that bears the name of ” underwater world ” WorldUnderWater.org which comes backed by service maps ” Google Maps ” and exclusively for the web browser ” Google Chrome ” anywhere in the world supports the feature curfew default Street View , which is steeped water that may result from global warming .

The site also provides views of many landmarks and famous cities around the world , water is sinking streets , especially coastal cities .

In another context , the company has announced the “Google ” in the month of April / May last start for the launch of a new feature in the service of the default roaming Street View allows users to return back in time to see the pictures of some places several years ago.