Google launches new application compete Anstgram

Internet giant launched the company “Google” Google Thursday in application allows to take pictures and share on social networking site “Google +” Google+’s her, in a move clearly designed to compete with “Facebook” and apply famous “Anstgram”.

Has added a “Google” several functions to apply “Snabsid” designed by the German company “Nick Software.” Application will be made ​​available free of charge to owners of phones, “iPhone”, “Apple”, and those that are running “Android”.
And allows “Snabsid” to take pictures and make amendments to it and share it, just like apply “Anstgram” bought “Facebook” in the September / September compared prodct

He wrote Vic Gondotra, vice president of “Google”, in a message posted on a blog the group to “apply” Snabsid “is available in the store,” Google Play “, an online store for special applications system” Android “from” Google “and store” App Store “program Group “Apple.” He explained that the application free of charge in all of the traffickers.