Google offers to send money via e-mail

Announced “Google” from the merger of U.S. online payment service its “Google Wallet” with the e-mail service “Gmail”, so that allows users to send or receive money with e-mail messages.

The aim of the company through the merger to facilitate the process of sending money to friends and family directly and a high degree of safety, even if it did not have a future account or an address by mail in the “Gmail”, according to product manager in the service of “Google Wallet”, Travis

She described the “Google” in its publication on the Internet, the process of repayment or refund money to friends or others by saying it has become easy now easily send e-mail messages.

The company explained that the service will be free for users who have a bank account linked to service “Google Wallet”, otherwise they will be deducted accounted for 2.9% of the value of the funds transferred (below 0.30%) when using debit cards, with reference to the receiver money free always.

It is noteworthy that this service to send money via e-mail is still only available on personal computers.

Google has promised that the new service is available to all users in the United States over the next few months.