“Google” on the top of the search engines

“Google” on the top of the search engines and receive 500 million searches a new day ,

Being search engine users ‘Google’ day, about 500 million a completely new search process, ie, it includes search phrases never asked before.search engines
Which is equivalent to 15% of searches daily, which are estimated at 3.3 billion operation, and that despite the passage of 15 years since the establishment of «Google», according to what he said designer President search engine «Google», John Wiley, in an interview with «Bloomberg ».
This means that before the «Google», which maintains ranked first among search engines by 100 billion searches per month, a lot of work to keep up with the rapid growth of the Internet, which includes 30 trillion unique address of sites, applications, etc., next to improve its ability to recognize the interrelationships between items you are looking for users.
According what Tamar Yehosha said director of product management for ‘Google Search’, the people have always varied structures of what they’re looking for all the time, »she said, adding:« We need to separate the elements that we understand it, it is a continuous process.