Google plans to launch a new music service

Sources from within the music production companies for The Verge, that Google may reveal today during a conference on a new music service that allows users to listen to music on demand is similar to the offer service “Spotefaa” super Spotify fame.
The source said that Google has signed licensing agreements with both Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment after they had occurred at the beginning of the year an agreement with my company Universal Music and Warner Music Group, giving it access to recordings of the largest production companies acoustics in the world.1
The site said that Google intends to launch two Medfootain services: the first allows subscribers to watch video songs via YouTube clip, and the second is to listen to music service and will be linked to the Google Play shop.
Although Google allows sale of music through her shop, but the new service will allow listening to music over the Internet through phones and computers, according to monthly subscriptions are similar to the service “Spotefaa” that offer music on demand, it is not known whether the service will include as well as the status of radio similar service to the principle of “Pandora” Pandora.
And allows service “Spotefaa” for subscribers to listen to an unlimited amount of music via the Internet within a monthly subscription, and Google’s new service will allow a similar approach in principle, according to the report.
In the case of Google announced the service will be preceded Apple, which reported earlier reports it works as well as to develop the service broadcast their own music, but the service Apple will be, according to leaks closer to the “Pandora” to the “Spotefaa”, ie it does not allow the user to choose the music Customized.