“Google” stop the games on its social network last June

Google Inc. announced that it intends to stop the American Google+ Games gaming service provided to users of its social network “Google Plus”, in the June 30 next year.
It is noteworthy that the company has added this service to its network of social in August / August of 2011, to allow companies to the World Games, such as Zenga, and روفيو, saving games is the “Google Plus,” In order to strengthen the capacity of the network and provide more services to users.1 (2)
Having said “Google,” the former address users that they can ignore the existence of the games on its network if they are not interested in them, observers believe that this is what happened, they did not receive these games are in great demand among users of the network, prompting the company to announce its intention to close the service at the end of next month.
Moreover, the company pointed out that some paid games will transfer user data to alternative locations, so that allows them to continue to play and consume what remains of their balance. As some of the other games will grant users a “grace period” during which they can consumption credit is remaining before it can be shut down permanently later games.