Google’s share price up for the first time for more than $ 900

Shares Google up to more than $ 900 per share on Wednesday for the first time on the company, the high share was the result of improvements enormous posed by Google in all of its products in almost During the conference I / O this week, includes a new service for music will be presented by Google and update large maps and the addition of smart phones and new Tabelts potential is very strong after several patents to

The new studies show storming Google to market smart devices based Alandroed where estimates that more than three-quarters of smart devices sold this year was one of the devices Alandroed. And a large increase and improvement the next big to Google Plus, which has become stronger now than ever and has become a real threat on Facebook .

The company’s shares move strongly the last months, especially after the investment Google in the technical field and Oaudat strong glasses Google and high-speed Internet fiber which up to speed 1 GB for the average consumer, and quite the contrary Apple shares fall to the lowest of $ 500 This is due to weakness launched new technologies and weak keep up Samsung system Alandroed and start deteriorating consumer and investor confidence.

Google plans to work (Stock split) any Department of the stock and doubled as an example of anyone who has 1,000 shares Google workers will become has 2000 shares, but of course the share price will lower the result, but Google plans because the share price to reach $ 1000 as the first technology company bringing the price per share to this price.

Mention this article and placed 5 months ago about Google acquisitions for the year 2012 which showed Google’s share price that day was only equal to only $ 689 per share today there are more than 211 dollars teams Imagine!.