"Google" is working on a new design for the service, "Gmail"

Operating company “Google ” is currently testing a new design for e-mail service of its ” Gmail ” , and according to the site , ” Jake ” Geek who leaked pictures of what it might look like after the change of service .
The leaked pictures show design is simple compared to the current design with…

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7 reasons make google+ best of facebook

+ Google is a social networking adps that I can see it wagerer than Facebook, although Facebook fabric free to 800 meg users time web Google + is useable on 100 meg Mostagdm the currently Astdnada on 7 principal reasons:


1. Compounding Services


Arguably the largest benefit of combining + Google…

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What can you do on Google +?

What can you do on Google Positive? Secernate from treating his singularly SEO, there’s what to do there? It seems that this is a spook townspeople, so it should not modify overmuchness. Oh, bound, it’s not Facebook. This is also what seems also parties to the thriving success…

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Google+ Numbers Show Social Network is Growing

Google+, the smaller rival to Facebook, shows signs of gaining traction by exceeding 100 million users, but when those users log on to the social networking service they are spending less time at the site than previously.

Some observers would say that isn’t good news, while others would point…

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Google Rolls Out Google+ Social Network Challenging Facebook

The Google+ social networking platform is live. Somewhat, it is only allowing a few people to test drive the platform but for how long Google is not saying.

Google has dominated the search market for years and has attempted to get into the social media arena in the past with…

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