Google Rolls Out Google+ Social Network Challenging Facebook

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The Google+ social networking platform is live. Somewhat, it is only allowing a few people to test drive the platform but for how long Google is not saying.

Google has dominated the search market for years and has attempted to get into the social media arena in the past with Google Buzz.

The Google Buzz experiment didn’t catch on as Google had hoped but it is still functioning. There are some features on the Google+ social network that feel a little like the Buzz network such as being able to use tabs on your pages and integrating your Google profile.

With the new social network roll-out Google is trying once again to get a foothold on the social media networking market. The features of the Google+ Social Network are:

  • Google Circles
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Mobile
  • Google Sparks
  • Google Huddle

This article will talk about each component of the new network and how it can benefit the people who sign-up or the features of the component.

Google+ Circles

Circles lets you share different content with different people on your friend’s lists. For example, if you want to share a photo with just three friends instead of everyone on your friend’s list it is easy to do with the drag and drop feature of creating circles of friends. You simply drag a picture of a friend into a new circle and you have an instant contact list that you can share your stuff with.

Google+ Hangouts

Hangouts is one of the best features of the Google+ social network. This component uses group video chat to connect friends much like a video lounge.

For example, if you have two friends video chatting you can see both friends’ video stream because they sit on the same page. It is easy for you to join the conversation too, all you have to do is click on a button and you’re in on the chat. Hangouts is not like a webinar where you can see only a screen, Hangouts lets you see people’s live video streams as they are talking.

Google+ Mobile

The best feature of this module is that it allows you to automatically upload photos and videos from your smartphone to your Google+ account. Google installs an icon on your phone that you can click to upload information.

You can then decide who you want to share the content with.

Google+ Sparks

Sparks functions like a personal search engine. You tell Sparks what you like and it will provide recommendations. You don’t have to read or watch the recommendations right away as the feature lets you store the things you’re interested in for later viewing. It will also list new recommendations when you login to your account.

Google+ Huddle

Google Huddle is a group chat module that lets you create a circle of friends to send the same text message to all at once. There’s nothing new about that except that Google’s version is easier to use.

Conclusion of the Google+ Social Network’s Features

Most of the functions of the Google+ social network revolve around the circles of friends. The ease of use is the best feature as the interface isn’t cluttered with a lot of stuff you don’t want to do at the moment. But that’s typical Google style to keep everything minimal but powerful.

I don’t think that Google is going to get close to Facebook any time soon but the platform will gain a following. So stay tuned for more news on the Google+ social network. It may hit hard and have a real impact on the social media landscape.