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Welcome to the World of Google Dance


Have you heard of “Google Dance”? It is mainly for those who are concerned about their rankings on Google, as it refreshes the content for better SEO. It is an interesting theme that happens once in a month, that is, Google updates its entire index of web sites on…

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Understanding the Google Dance

What’s the Google dance? Well, it’s really just a fun phrase for when Google updates its index. This occurs regularly, once a month, and can cause a lot of movement in rankings, meaning that it’s come to be feared by many in the SEO industry and anticipated…

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Simple Strategies For Surviving A Google Dance

Google is dancing again! A full tilt all out boogie,
a long drawn out rumble somewhere near cursor heaven.
My own keywords are going up, down and out the door.
Take your pick. Just want the bloody thing to stop.
My nerves are shot… three years of hard work may…

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