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Google+ Numbers Show Social Network is Growing

Google+, the smaller rival to Facebook, shows signs of gaining traction by exceeding 100 million users, but when those users log on to the social networking service they are spending less time at the site than previously.

Some observers would say that isn’t good news, while others would point…

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Google Rolls Out Google+ Social Network Challenging Facebook

The Google+ social networking platform is live. Somewhat, it is only allowing a few people to test drive the platform but for how long Google is not saying.

Google has dominated the search market for years and has attempted to get into the social media arena in the past with…

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Is Google Really Developing a Facebook Killer?

No less than CNN is reporting the rumors that Google does indeed have a social networking site in the works which could give Facebook some competition. This new social site/program is supposed to be called GoogleMe or Google Me.

Only Google knows the truth.

However, creating such a site…

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Can Google+ Stop Facebook From Becoming The Top Site On The Web?

All the talk recently has been about Google+ and can it beat Facebook at the social networking game? But a more interesting question to consider is the heated Google vs Facebook competition. If you just examine the Alexa numbers alone, you will see that Facebook is beating Google hands-down…

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Facebook and Google Battle For Dominance of the Web

In a published interview he gave to the Wall Street Journal on September 24 2010, Google CEO Eric Schmidt dismissed any notions that Facebook was an immediate threat to Mountain View. Mr. Schmidt suggested that the company’s immediate threat was Microsoft Bing and that it was too early to…

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Google+ comments system tipped to rival Facebook

Google is reportedly working on evolving Google+ into a Facebook comments rival, with plans to position the social network as an alternative to Facebook and Disqus for third-party sites with the lure of potentially better Google search indexing to sweeten the deal. The move, tipped at G-Saudi Arabia…

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