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Google AdSense Messages To Publishers: Create Google+ Page

We all know how important Google+ is to Google. Heck, we have seen the news stories recently of Googlers leaving over it.
Google is now sending messages to Google AdSense publishers as “recommendations” that they should add Google+ pages to help monetize their own web sites.
The message reads:

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Google AdSense Phone Support Pilot

A WebmasterWorld thread has one AdSense publisher claiming he received a message from Google asking if he wants to participate in an AdSense phone support pilot program where he/she would have a phone session with a Google AdSense representative for free.
The AdSense phone support pilot program seems to…

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Google Updates AdSense User Features

Because Google just can’t stop updating its features for its ad services this week, Google AdSense announced enhanced services today intended to give publishers more control over the ads Google delivers to their websites.

As explained in a post product manager Dan Stokeley wrote on the AdSense blog, the…

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Why Google should make Android root access an official feature

The degree of freedom afforded to the user by nearly any Android device is almost unparalleled in the brief history of mobile devices. You are free to customize the user interface, run services in the background, and even replace system apps. Some of the most savvy users of Android have…

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Google Drive: Finally coming this April

Google’s online storage service, rumored to be called GDrive is the like the wolf in the fable, The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Well, after long history of false alarms, the storage drive might just see the day in early April, according to my well placed sources familiar with company…

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Google I/O dev event sells out in record time

The Google I/O 2012 conference sold out its allotment of 5,500 tickets within 20 minutes today, a company executive said.

I/O, which has been held since 2008, is Google’s annual developers conference that covers everything from Android and Chrome to Google+ and its cloud-based services…

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Google+ comments system tipped to rival Facebook

Google is reportedly working on evolving Google+ into a Facebook comments rival, with plans to position the social network as an alternative to Facebook and Disqus for third-party sites with the lure of potentially better Google search indexing to sweeten the deal. The move, tipped at G-Saudi Arabia…

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