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France orders Google to amend policy on Internet users

Google has been successive by Author to change changes to its contract regarding Net users’ information within threesome months or surface fines, with fin another Continent countries also unsurprising to acquire twin actions against the activity engine by the end of July.

France orders Google to amend policy on Internet…

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7 reasons make google+ best of facebook

+ Google is a social networking adps that I can see it wagerer than Facebook, although Facebook fabric free to 800 meg users time web Google + is useable on 100 meg Mostagdm the currently Astdnada on 7 principal reasons:


1. Compounding Services


Arguably the largest benefit of combining + Google…

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What can you do on Google +?

What can you do on Google Positive? Secernate from treating his singularly SEO, there’s what to do there? It seems that this is a spook townspeople, so it should not modify overmuchness. Oh, bound, it’s not Facebook. This is also what seems also parties to the thriving success…

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Google is struggling child pornography

Google is excavation on a new plan leave meliorate to limit the distribution of images of nestling smut on the Internet, where the new bailiwick will afford the sites, government agencies and charities to progress a database containing cartoons on the web and that must be scanned.

And Britain’s…

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Google’s augmented-reality glasses: Is it all PR?

Experts in augmented reality, on seeing Google’s Project Glass, suggest it’s a vast overpromise of what can be delivered. So, is it all to make Google seem more interesting?

I know many people will be out this weekend, practicing walking down the streets and not looking where they…

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Google ads in Australian searches misled users, court says

Google Inc., owner of the world’s most-popular search engine, misled Australian consumers in 2007 by including paid advertisements from competitors in search results for businesses, an appeal court ruled.

The Federal Court of Appeal in Sydney today overturned a lower court decision and ordered the Mountain View, California…

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Revived Viacom suit spells trouble for Google

Almost 18 months ago, Viacom (VIA) lost its copyright infringement lawsuit against Google (GOOG). Guess what? It’s back.
A district court had dismissed the suit in 2010 after ruling that Google was protected by a 1998 U.S. law that provides a legal “safe harbor” when copyright-infringing material…

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