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How to Put Your Business in Google Maps

Marketing is an important part of business. The broader audience you can reach the better. There is basically a number of ways to do so, but not all of them are as effective as you thought they would be. For both online and offline businesses, marketing is fairly a challenge…

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Try these 7 features of Google Maps

google Maps has become the go-to site for maps and driving directions. And, thanks to satellite and street-level photos, you can explore the world. But, these aren’t the only tricks Google Maps has up its sleeve.

A variety of tools will help you plan vacations, find businesses…

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How Google Maps and Google Places Deliver Local Customers: 7 Myths, 7 Facts

Sure, you know about Google Maps and Google Places. Google Maps is a free service from search engine giant, Google. It provides map views, driving directions, and contact information about businesses and points of interest. In search results, businesses show up beside a Google map first in the list, for…

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France Fines Google For Not Charging For Google Maps

Google was fined $660,000 in France over unfair competitive practices with Google Maps.
The AFP has the crazy news:
In a ruling Tuesday, the Paris court upheld an unfair competition complaint lodged by Bottin Cartographes against Google France and its parent company Google Inc. for providing free web mapping…

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