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Google News – Just Another Article Announcer?

In Google’s recent battle towards becoming an international news center, I’ve come to notice that the results delivered from Google News seems like nothing more than the articles we publish everyday. So I ask, doesn’t it seem like Google News resembles an article directory of some sorts…

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Google News Disapproval Of Taylor Swift

There are very few people who dislike the popular musician, Taylor Swift.
But for some reason, there is this weird Google News glitch that makes you feel Google dislikes her and her work.
There are many reports of this bug in the Google News Help forum.
The issue is when…

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Several Week Delays For Google News Inclusion

It feels like there is a new story every week, or sometimes a few a week, of how Google is doing something untrustworthy or “evil” in the eyes of the general public.
Be it changing their privacy policy, Google’s SPYW in Kenya, Search Plus Your World over the top…

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