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How To Make Your Google Home Page and What It Can Offer You

The internet has grown fast and furious for several years now, and it’s hard to believe that it’s now been a decade since the dot com busts of 2000 or so… There were many companies that had no clue as to what they were doing, but just decided…

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How to Rank Higher in Google’s New Search Engines

Recent changes to Google makes it seem like Google is no longer just one search engine but a combination of 6 or 7 different search engines all rolled into one. Your SEO efforts should now be geared to ranking high in these search engines as well as in traditional organic…

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How to Rank Higher in Google Local Business Listings

Google offers a free business listing to small businesses at the top of most local search results pages. Local Google Advertising is what we’re after when we talk about Google’s local business listing center. Anatomy of a Google search result page:

o Listings on the right side bar…

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Get Going With High Google Ranking

The growing popularity and hence the widening marker share of Google is an established fact. Google has outgrown the competition and has set industry standards for others to emulate. Google believes that when any user comes searching for his or her query on Google, he or she should get most…

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How Do I Get My Website on Page 1 of Google?

There is no guarantee for getting in the top 10 of Google, but there are definitely some ways to help make that happen!

For the throngs of so-called experts advertising on the Web claiming they know the recipe to Google’s secret sauce, I would have guessed by now…

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Google Pages Demystified


It is now about 2 months ago that Google announced its new Service (currently in Beta) with the name “Google Pages” or “Google Page Creator”

It is intended to give average people and internet newbie’s the ability to create a website via a free and easy to use…

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