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Google Sitemaps – What, Why and How

A Google Sitemap (“GS” for short) enable Google’s GoogleBot spider to easily know what to index on your website. It is basically a text file that lists the web addresses of all the pages on your website. When Google’s GoogleBot spider reads this list, it then knows about…

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Create a Google Sitemap for Your Web Site

Google Sitemaps is a simple and fast way for your site to
be constantly indexed and updated by Google.

This article will discuss the benefits of implementing this

new technology, who should use it, how it works and how to
create a Google Sitemap for your web site.

Benefits of…

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An Introduction to Google Sitemaps

… and why I ‘m dying to get finally in the Google SERP

Have you also experienced that getting indexed on Google, despite the Google crawler visits each day your site, is getting tougher and tougher, not to say it’s apparently almost impossible in short term?! Between us, in the…

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10 Minutes to Your Google Sitemap

What you have access to with the new Google Sitemaps program is truly a gift from the Google gods. They’ve offering you a tool that you can use to keep your site constantly indexed and updated in the search engine database. With Google Sitemaps, webmasters can now take charge…

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Sitemaps and Google Webmaster Tools Go Together Like Milk and Cookies

This article tells you why you need a Sitemap, and how Google Webmaster Tools uses the Sitemap, but it will not tell you how to make a Sitemap or how to use Google Webmaster Tools. There are plenty of good articles that explain the mechanics of Sitemaps and Webmaster Tools…

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How to Build a Google Sitemap

Google has implemented a cutting edge method of crawling web site for its search engine index. This unprecedented method of indexing web pages is known as Google Sitemaps, and it is quickly growing in popularity among webmasters and SEO agents and managers due to its ability to get entire web…

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Google Sitemaps Explained – How To Use Google Sitemaps

Three Ways To Index Your Site With Google Sitemaps
[Difficult, Hard, And Easy]

Google has recently implemented a program where any webmaster
can create a Sitemap of their Site and submit it for indexing
by Google. It is a quick and easy way for you to keep your
site constantly…

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