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10 Quick Steps to Becoming a Google Power-User

Whether you use Google, Yahoo, MSN or Dogpile, searching the web can be both rewarding and frustrating. If you don’t have a few tips under your belt, you can waste needless time sorting and sifting through results which are all over the board. Everyone knows that you type words…

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Google Disappoints Users Again With Story Of Illegal Ads

Google, once a loved and respected company, is starting to lose that love, respect and trust from their users. From privacy issues to openly selling illegal ads and now to being busted by a con man.
The Wall Street Journal had a story named Con Artist Starred in Sting That…

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Google Users Don’t Seem Upset With New Privacy Policy

Google announced a new privacy policy earlier this week that goes into effect in about a month. The news sites and stations are having a field day with it – covering how “evil” it is. In fact, I just saw something on the local news with my wife about it and…

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