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The Google Suite of Webmaster Tools

When I first started promoting websites almost nine years ago (2001), there was a lot more guesswork that had to be done by webmasters to figure out what Google expected for a website to rank favorably in search results. Google has evolved over the years, continually increasing interaction with its…

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Sitemaps and Google Webmaster Tools Go Together Like Milk and Cookies

This article tells you why you need a Sitemap, and how Google Webmaster Tools uses the Sitemap, but it will not tell you how to make a Sitemap or how to use Google Webmaster Tools. There are plenty of good articles that explain the mechanics of Sitemaps and Webmaster Tools…

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Today Get Live Help From Google AdWords & Webmaster Reps

Today there are two live help events taking place, one on the paid search side and the other on the organic search side.
The Google AdWords team is hosting a webinar today at 3pm GMT (which is in about 2.5 hours from now). The AdWords webinar is on making…

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